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DC Fawcett Reviews – Market Fluctuations , Real Estate Equation , Certificates Of Deposit

The fluctuations in market price can affect real estate investment. The value of the investment is influenced by the conditions of the real estate market, the economy, availability of properties DC Fawcett Reviews.

Real estate market has one advantage; there are no rapid fluctuations as well as it doesn’t happen for a short term. Investors should plan on a long term investment to yield high returns, whereas sellers will get benefitted by small margin of profit only.

DC Fawcett Reviews-How-To-Cope-Up-With-Real-Estate-Market-Fluctuations

DC Fawcett mechanisms to cope up with the Market Fluctuations

  • Research your specific real estate market. Understand the trends in specific neighborhoods. Investors’ can join the virtual real estate investing club to know more about causes for the market fluctuations.

  • Fawcett also conducts training programs to enlighten the investors on how to master the art of virtual wholesaling. These programs can make an investor take a better decisions concerned to real estate investments and avoid scams.

  • Investors should have proficient knowledge about real estate inventory trends and how to interpret them. Inventory basically means the number or amount of properties for sale.

Dc Fawcett Reviews

Market Fluctuations

  • If there is a low real estate inventory, then it is a seller’s market and values will probably rise because of high demand and low supply. If there is a high real estate inventory, then the value of property will decrease because of high supply and low demand. This will help the investors to take better decisions on buying and selling the homes.

  • Take the advantage of falling markets as it will take a pretty long time to sell a property. Usually the market will bounce back stronger and property prices will go up which is a favorable time for the investors to earn profit.

Dc Fawcett Reviews 1

DC Fawcett Reviews Market Fluctuations

  • In 2006 the overall nation’s house price drastically increased; at the same time there was a major dip in the interest rate which increased the home sales. On average, American home prices have recovered nearly all their losses from the 2006 crash; but still 20 percent less when compared to overall home sales.

  • Adopt the attitude of people who own rental property is yet another mechanism. Investors primarily invest on real estate for two reasons: cash flow and long-term appreciation.

  • It’s important to make sure you keep sufficient allocation of stocks and bonds in your portfolio and it will help you out when market fluctuates as well as for tax purpose. In the long run, the well-diversified portfolio will help you out.

DC Fawcett reviews on how to close a real estate deal in a fluctuating housing market.

When the market is down, consult the agent and make a research on how your neighborhood homes are priced and sellers should remove the thoughts from the mind on pricing the property high. Below are the sources where you can get information on pricing.

  • Open houses
  • newspaper for local listings
  • Ask a real estate agentto print up comparable listings on the multiple listing service (MLS)

You should reduce the number of “contingencies” that you have insisted in the contract. Fulfill the needs of the buyers.

By keeping an eye on the market trends and thorough understanding of the real estate market trends and how to make use of them while you make your investments; , an investor does not have to be worried about market fluctuations.

Dc Fawcett Reviews 2

Dc Fawcett Reviews- Reasons for Real Estate Market Fluctuations

Reasons for Real estate market fluctuations

Though real estate market fluctuates often, the need for multi-family homes continues to attract investors. The prices of these homes have really gone up and there is a huge demand among the buyers. Ultra-luxury condominiums are creating new dimensions in the spheres of the real estate market.

2016 seemed to be really unfavorable for investors as there were frequent fluctuations both economically and politically. But on the other hand, there was a high decline in rate of unemployment and there was rise in home price as well as in home sales.

2017 spring and summer sales went on a high note, but the professionals have predicted that the market may slow down in 2018 and 2019.

Virtual real estate investing club is one of the ways to learn about the process of wholesaling or even you can start your career by virtual wholesaling to stay scam-free. 

Dc Fawcett Reviews 3

Causes for fluctuations in the real estate market

  • The rise and fall of the economy

The economy of the nation determines the stability of the real estate market. If the economy is good, the demand for retail, commercial, residential space increases. This in turn, leads to expansion of office space and increase in rental price. On the other hand, a poor economy results in fluctuating market. It is not wise to invest in a market which concentrates on a single industry alone, as it may see a downward trend very easily.

  • Interest rate

The increase and decrease in interest rate also affects the market and causes fluctuations. The recent rate hikes have made the property values to fall. The borrowing rate increases and demand for properties decreases. The fluctuations will affect mortgage rate, so people availing home loan decreases. From sellers’ point of view, the fluctuations are bad as mortgage rate and property value decreases, but buyers make use of this opportunity and purchase real estate properties.

  • Government policies

The government policies will help the market to gain its stability; it is used to control both economy and rate of interest.

Dc Fawcett Reviews 4

  • Demographics

Age, income and population will have a great influence in the market fluctuations. For e.g. if people start sharing their household instead of living in an individual apartment, it is a sign that market has started fluctuating and people cannot afford single-family homes.  E-commerce, one of the reasons while retail market rates have drastically reduced. Consumers purchase most of the goods online which led to the owners of the retail market face a financial loss off late.

To overcome these fluctuations, investors should master the art of real estate wholesaling says DC Fawcett.

DC Fawcett Real Estate Chicago housing market predictions and fluctuations

The economy of the nation experienced a decline in unemployment numbers in 2016 making the idea of home ownership favorable and stronger. DC Fawcett Real Estate Chicago has been slower in recovering from the housing market crash. Nationally, home prices and home sales will increase.

Dc Fawcett Reviews 5

A Quick Reviews On 2016 Home Sale Details

  • Lincoln Park had the highest median condo sale price in the city.
  • The Near North Sidehad the highest median sale price for single-family homes.
  • Portage Parkand Ashburn tied for most single-family home sales.
  • For multiunit housing, the Near North Side topped the list.
  • The Near South Sidehad the priciest houses on the South Side. Houses in McKinley Park spent the shortest amount of time on the market in the city.

  • Armor Squareshowed the highest increase in median house sale price.

At the end of 2016, the analysts predicted that 2017 will be buyer’s market in Chicago as the prices of property will fall very rapidly.The sellers should take it as positive trend and Fawcett also advised the sellers to be open to negotiations and lower the expectations on their asking price.

The fall in prices is due to slow growth in population and job sector. The market will remain strong and solid.

Here are few key takeaways for Chicago investors from Fawcett

  1. Locate highly distressed properties; pre-foreclosures.
  2. Develop negotiating skills with the sellers
  3. Find cash buyers, Chicago area, as Cook County known to be a hot selling area for real estate cash transactions.

Suburbs will have a strong appeal. The millennial generation is increasing their home purchase, thus demand for first-time home buyers will prefer a home in the mid-price range where all basics needs are easily accessible.  The demand for multi-family homes has been increasing steadily. Past half a decade the multi-family housing market looks incredible. They sell very faster than any other type of the property.

Dc Fawcett Reviews 8

An overview on Chicago housing market 2017

Reports suggest that Chicago ranks 8th which is well below other major cities when it comes to rent affordability estimating the average cost of rent for a single person in Chicago to be around $1,047

Chicago residential home sales went on great in January as the city experienced extreme climatic conditions in winter which made the buyers look out for new homes.  There was a notable increase in Chicago home prices.

The city witnessed one of the best spring home sales. The supply was low and demand was exorbitantly high and signed contracts in lightning speed and the median sale price increased by 4.3%, March home sales were pretty good and the number of distressed homes sale was historically lowest.

The corporate sector was flourishing and guaranteed jobs for everybody which promised the real estate market to be high.

Home buyers can prefer Chicago as the market seems pretty good. Condo and town home sellers can experience a great profit the forthcoming years than single-family home owners.  New apartments units are coming up as well as office space are expanding.

There will be a mild dip in 2018 and 2019 housing market; the need for new ultra-luxury condominiums has just started.

To know more about real estate and how to prevent from scams, check out virtual real estate investing club blogs written by DC Fawcett.

Dc Fawcett Reviews 9

Dc Fawcett Reviews – The real estate equation between the real estate investor and the financial planner

Why a real estate investor needs a financial planner?

The new investors cannot manage funds on their own; they need a financial planner to help them out. Money is everything, it is considered to be a decision king because an investor is happy if he makes profit out of an investment and he is depressed when he faces a financial crisis.We have alreay seen how to hire a financial adviser, you can

check it out in DC Fawcett Reviews on Virtual real estate investing club.

DC Fawcett reviews is about when and why you need a financial adviser.

  • The adviser’s opinions play a major role whenever you are involved in a home sale or buying process.

  • For newly married couples, you may not have an idea how to start a joint account in a bank or how to start a new account, nomination filing and tax benefits. The rate of interest is one of the major factors to be considered and the adviser will help in selecting the best bank for you.

  • For first-time home-buyers and sellers, you are absolutely clueless about the process. The adviser will assist you throughout the process and you are requested to follow his guidelines strictly. Hire a reputed adviser to prevent from

  • Entrepreneurs or freelancers who switch over from a regular job and take up real estate as their career can seek the help of an adviser.

    Dc Fawcett Reviews 10

  • The adviser can solve any disputes regarding tax for whomsoever it may concern.

  • To start a new business, you need to follow certain guidelines. Commercial and retail real estate guidelines differ from residential property guidelines. When you raise your first child, there may be lots of doubts and you need to start allocating funds for their education as well as for your retirement. These can be planned systematically with the help of financial planner.

  • The advisers will send a periodic report after monitoring your activities regularly and gives his review on how funds are to be managed efficiently, when taxes are to be paid. He reminds you with all the deadlines for paying taxes and debts, so that you improve your credit score.

  • The planners help you in diversifying the portfolio and also suggest how the portfolio can be improved further. The investment policy differs from each organization. Learn the return on investment policy of every firm.

  • They help you in setting

  • financial goals and how to achieve them early.

    Dc Fawcett Reviews 11

  • For investors belonging to high income community, the tax amount is generally exorbitantly high. You need to know how much tax should be paid and when it should be paid. Financial planners systematically calculate and give you the result.

  • They help you selecting the appropriate mortgage plan to suit your financial status and prevent you from getting foreclosure.

  • Self-employed people will have different queries; it can be answered as well by the financial advisers. Planners can help you out in how to get ownership and title insurance legally.

  • High-net-worth investors have a different set of problems and unique set of financial issues. They need to manage enormous amount of funds and enumerable accounts. Planners will help in sorting out them and provide guidance on tax-paying strategies.

  • There can be issues while availing home loans and student loans which differ from each person. Those doubts can be cleared by the advisers.

  • These planners will help the investors in setting the right priorities and mention the expenses to be curtailed in case you are having a low credit.

Dc Fawcett Reviews 12

 Real estate connect :

You need to choose the right property, appropriate mortgage plan that suits your financial needs. You need to know the saving strategies and adviser can pour his ideas on the same. You need an instant help when you are stuck on what to choose, like a condo or a town home. You need to know which property will appreciate in time and when to invest. These queries can be solved by financial advisers and planners.

What is the difference between financial planner and financial adviser?

An adviser just gives his thoughts when you approach him for any issue. An adviser is not a broker or an agent, so check out what are the attributes to hire an adviser in the corresponding article in virtual real estate investing club owned by DC Fawcett. The planners are certified with CFP (Certified financial planner) and certified accountants helps the investors in solving tax related issues.

Dc Fawcett Reviews 13

How much an adviser costs?

The adviser usually charges on hourly basis, it varies from 150 to 200 dollars per hour. It depends on the adviser’s experience as well. The more the adviser is experienced, the more he charges. CFP‘s work is based on the commission and they are ought to be paid for specific products like insurance, annuity. They are not recommended for most of the times as they are expensive.

DC Fawcett complaints about the fee-only advisers who don’t have any regulation on their fee and just charges based on the time spent on managing your finances.

There are fraudsters among the planners, so investigate properly to avoid scam. Scammers, who pretend as planners charge a heavy fee, act like scrutinizing your documents; once they obtain the necessary information they leave the place immediately.

The first question they ask is about your income rather than your problem, so the money minded people must be avoided and mostly they will not be a reputed planner. To check whether he is reliable or not, enquire how the commission is charged i.e. on what basis and then hire.

A good financial planner will lessen your burden and help you in taking better financial decisions. Stay peaceful and make right choices when you purchase or sell your property.

Dc Fawcett Reviews 14

An exclusive guide on Certificates of Deposit

Certificate of deposit is a legal agreement where investors deposit money in a bank for a stipulated period of time which fetches significant amount of rate of interest. The time period varies from 3 months to 5 years.

The rate of interest is more if your time period is more than 5 years. Just like jumbo CD, the rule remains the same, the investor is not supposed to withdraw money in between the contract period. The money deposited in the bank by the investor is used for providing loans to other customer, in other words that’s how funds are rotated in each and every bank.

DC Fawcett has discussed about the basics of certificate of deposit and its types in this article.

There is an assurance that the principal amount is insured and there is no chance for losing it which makes this investment safe and less risky. This method is opted by many as rate of interest is offered more for CD than a savings account or fixed deposit in a bank.

Dc Fawcett Reviews 15

Investors can find banks offering high rate of interest through some research. For example, online banks offer more interest. You can withdraw money within 6 days where you can get your money without losing anything.

Money market accounts allow the investors to withdraw money any time but rate of interest is low when compared to a CD and there is penalty fee is not levied. If interest rates are fluctuated, you get the benefit of variable rate of interest in this method.  The flexibility nature makes them more preferable.

Certificate of deposit is the source of funding for money market account.

Money market mutual funds are more or less like mutual funds that are used for investment in CD and money market accounts which are sold by bank, brokerage or any financial organization.

The interest rate is higher than that of a CD. The borrowing amount is also much more than that of a CD.

There are few drawbacks like Jumbo CD, you need to pay penalty if you withdraw money before the date of maturity.  They are not suitable for a constantly fluctuating market.

There is a custom called prime rate where the rate of the certificate of deposit is lower than what they charge for other customers. The premium or classic customers avail this benefit while lending money in order to optimize the profit. The revenue is collected from the interest paid by the borrowers.

DC Fawcett reviews the different types of Certificate of Deposit (CDs) are available and investor gets to choose one from them.

Traditional CD:

This is the simplest of all the types of a CD. The time period and rate of interest is fixed. At the time of maturity, the amount you receive is a cumulative sum of principal and interest.

Variable-rate CD:

offers an interest rate which is flexible, the investor can get more benefitted than a traditional CD when the rate of interest increases. At the same time, you could get severely affected when there is a decline in the interest rate.

Dc Fawcett Reviews 16

Bump-up CD:

offers a chance to “bump up” to a better interest rate offered by the bank within a particular period of time. You can do either once or twice in the given term.

Liquid/no-penalty CD:

It allows you to withdraw cash and interest gained before the contract period with a lower rate of interest.

Callable CD:

Your bank will offer a higher rate of interest, but there are chances of calling it off before the contract period which may happen usually either when rates go down or before your term about to get over.

Jumbo CD:

A jumbo CD requires huge capital investment $100,000, you can learn more about in the article published in DC Fawcett virtual real estate investing club.


Investing a part of the retirement account and you get to avail the tax benefits with low risk.

The investors must be aware of scams that may happen when you invest a large amount in a organization, so take preventive measures and invest in a reputed bank.


DC Fawcett is one of those experts who runs a website which generates profits and earns luxuries in the long run. This website can be called as a virtual real estate – Dc Fawcett virtual real estate investing clubAlthough there are some complaints (probably by those who have a personal grievance against him or something) on Dc Fawcett, he continues to be an expert virtual real estate investor.

DC Fawcett helps people to learn what’s working best in the real estate market and how to grow in real estate investment business. He does this job efficiently with his proprietary virtual real estate investing systems.


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