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DC Fawcett Reviews On Mobile Home And Curb Appeal

DC Fawcett Reviews says that Mobile home is a permanent home used during vacation for accommodation which is more like manufactured home built together and attached on a chassis before transportation.

They are economical as well as eco friendly since it uses less water and electricity. The cost for heating and cooling is less; in addition to that there is no need to spend on gasoline, sewage. As it attracts both youngsters and old people, they play a major role in Real estate.

DC Fawcett -Reviews-On-Mobile-Home-And-Curb-Appeal

DC Fawcett Reviews analyses the perks of having a mobile home

  • Suits perfectly for recreation purpose because of the low cost.

  • Can be placed in own or rented space of land or second hand mobile home

  • We can get spectacular view of ponds and lakeside as well as entertainment and vacation spots which are recommended for retired people.

  • Interiors can be changed as per the preference of the buyer

  • Flexibility (removable when not needed)

  • Lower property tax and maintenance fee

  • Construction time is lesser than 3 months

  • Portability

There are few complaints put forth by buyers on having a mobile home. They are

  • Too hot in summer and too cold in winter. The levels aren’t moderate

  • High interest if purchased on loan

  • Safety, privacy, size

  • Resale value is pretty less

There are chances of mobile home scam.  A group may pretend to give entitlement of the mobile home but may escape after amount received from buyers. Facebook plays a major role on mobile home give away scam.  It is one of the most frequent occurring fraudulent scam.

It is not wise if a house is not sold for a long time. The way to maximize the chances of selling your house faster is by curb appeal which denotes the external appearance of the house that must be appealing to attract the buyers.

DC Fawcett Reviews gives us an idea on how to seek the attention of the buyers.

*Home staging

*Front yard must be kept clean and green always.

*The garden must be well maintained.

*Old furniture (if any) must be replaced with new ones.

*Improvement in landscapes by planting trees

*Providing basic amenities


*High resolution photographs

*Interiors also should be done neat

*Different type of embossment while engraving the name

*painting the exteriors fresh with neutral colors and new doors on front

*Depersonalize the home


Efficient marketing in social media

The following factors lower the chances of buying a house

  • The house should not be in crime area or foreclosure zone.

  • Extreme weather conditions are not preferable.

  • Pollution (noise/air)

  • Bad curb appeal

  • Power plants, landfills and bad landscapes lead to deduction in tax.

  • Untidy Neighborhood

  • Parking the car in the driveway

  • Lossy photographs may give a bad impression

  • Over pricing

Email scam–many real estate agents use information from other sites and post spam mails. Don’t open or respond to such mails if you aren’t sure who the sender is. It is wise not to post much information online to prevent from scammers.


Hence, DC Fawcett helps the investors by suggesting the on-going trends in Real estate investment market as well suggested the ways of buying a mobile home and sell home quickly by following curb appeal technique.


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