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Dc Fawcett – Emerging Trends In Luxury Real Estate For 2017

Emerging Trends In Luxury Real Estate For 2017There have been many shifts in real estate for the year 2017. Increase in home prices, a lack in the labor force, home stress creeping into the minds of many middle class people and so on are some of the trends seen in real estate for 2017. Now, there are some trends specifically relevant to the luxury real estate sphere. In this article, Dc Fawcett reviews emerging trends in luxury real estate for 2017.

Interest rates

The United States Federal reserve has raised the interest rates since they have predicted betterment in the economy of the United States. This will surely impact the luxury real estate market with heavier monthly mortgage payments. Payments for luxury real estate properties are already heavy and this will further add to their massiveness.

Luxury home buyers want perfect homes

Non-luxury home buyers just want the major fixes to be done. For instance: they will want a non-leaky tap, well kept windows and a non cluttered front yard. Luxury home buyers have more expectations with respect to the “perfect home” standard. There are many advantages in hiring a custom home builder.For instance: luxury home buyers may want a specific design for their potential homes. They may want the hall and the dining to be in the ground floor and rooms to be in the first floor. Thus, basically, luxury real estate home buyers will want every aspect of the prospective home to be perfect. There will a rise in this trend for 2017 and beyond.


Color trends for 2017 include

  • Green: Green is an attractive color and it can be added to the interiors of a luxury home. It will become the color trend for luxury home interiors in 2017

  • Earth colors: earthy colors can be added to walls and will contrast well with the green interiors.

  • Lapis blue: Lapis blue will feature majorly in furniture cushions and club chairs

  • Other colors are some super concentrated shades like flame oranges. These colors can be added to the ceilings and are highly noticeable.

Colors for luxury homes should be extremely pleasing yet alluring. This color trend will reflect in 2017.

Exclusive rooms for dogs

This trend has been seen surfacing in luxury homes and will continue for 2017 and later on. Pets need separate rooms. They can be bathed and cleaned there. When there are guests, pets can be kept in these parlors to avoid the disturbance generated from their anxious barks. Heating facilities, showers, dog beds and other crucial amenities for pets are sure to be included in these rooms.

More luxury homes to be purchased

More luxury homes are being purchased in the early part of this year since mortgage rates are expected to increase as 2017 progresses.Beach houses or water front property is becoming famous.

Construction costs increase and home prices too

Builders are required to pay more to laborers due to a scarcity and thus the luxury home prices increase.


These are some of the emerging trends in luxury real estate for 2017 and beyond as reviewed by Dc Fawcett. Real estate professionals must upgrade their knowledge about luxury real estate and face what is in store for them with ease.



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DC Fawcett Reviews – Things To Know Before You Buy a Beach Front Property

Things to know before you buying a beach front propertyBeach houses or water front property is becoming famous. They are good for return on investment and yield a good source of rental incomes. Many people buy beach front properties and leave it for rent in the season. But, there are a few things that you should know before you buy a beach front property. In this article Dc Fawcett reviews things you should know before you buy a beach front property.


Although beach front properties yield good rental incomes, they come with a host of expenses like

  • Huge loans
  • Enormous insurance bills
  • Property management costs

Water front properties are highly in demand

Since water front properties are highly in demand, you will have to face a lot of competition and the land on which it rests is much more worth than the property itself. So, determine whether the waterfront property falls within your budget.

Dangers lurking in waterfront properties

People who live in waterfront properties are more prone to storm and hurricanes. They can corrode easily due to salts present in the water. Water bodies are a multiplying ground for insects. Such areas are infested with reptiles, frogs, snakes, scorpions and other deadly species. Mosquitoes are found in abundance near water front properties. All these together pose a big risk for residing near waterfront properties. So, do a research to find out that your vacation home is on the good side of the shoreline.

Make sure to insure for hurricane and flood damage

Hurricane and food damage should be insured. Damage from wind and water should be covered separately as they are different from home insurance. Most of the time when the damage occurs due to floods and winds and you don’t possess the relevant insurance, you will not be reimbursed due to a general home owner’s insurance.

Know about the rental markets

Investing in a beach front property is very expensive and it is very crucial that it yields a good rental income for return on investment. Some markets currently feature lots of beach front homes and the homes are not much in demand right now. This only increases the cost of investing finally. So, do a careful  study of the rental market before you decide to purchase a property.

Beachfront properties are great in terms of appreciation

Beachfront properties appreciate well as compared to normal real estate properties in the same community or town. There is more property waiting to be developed rather than already existing beachfront properties.

Waterfront views are great

Waterfront views are supremely pleasing and enjoyable. They are of vital importance and you may want to enjoy those with top class windows of varying sizes and styles. You should also be ready for tree cutting and trimming the landscape around the property area to offer good views. This will call for shelling out money.


Waterfront properties are great in terms of views and appreciation but at the same time they call for huge investments and risks. Read this review by Dc Fawcett before you buy a waterfront property.