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Best season to make deal in real estate – DC Fawcett

Best-season-to-make-deal-in-real-estate-dc-fawcettThere are a lot of misconceptions about the best season to sell your property.There are many factors that the buyer considers before buying the property.

  • You have found or have a real estate agent who is trustworthy, there is every possibility that you can successfully sell your property.
  • If your house is decluttered and well decorated, it attracts the potential buyers to consider buying them.
  • If you are thinking of what price to sell the property, you need to think a lot about it.

The time and the year that you choose to market there is a difference between good and the poor asking price. DC Fawcett suggests the best season to crack the deal in real estate.

Best season to make deal in real estate

You need to take the buyers availability into account and what frame of mind they are in during the time or the year when you are selling, keeping the competition in your mind. The best time and the year to sell your property is very much controversial. Here are the guidelines which will help you to sell your property and how the seasons affect the market.

  1. Summer:-

    This season can be chaotic for the families as children would be having the holidays during that time. In the case of planned holidays, there can be limited time or resources for the family to purchase the real estate property. If at all you want to sell the property in summer, you need to ensure it in the market before it dies.

  2. Autumn:-

    Ideally, this is the best season to sell your property and create the first impression for yourself which is called as the best impression. The advantage of this season is it does not have any major holidays which distract the buyers. Though the real activity takes place in this season, t is always advisable to crack the deal at the earliest as the time fleets very fast.
    Winter – This is the toughest season to sell the property as the days are short and nights are dark. Furthermore, when the Christmas is nearing, many buyers will be in a festive mood due to which, their plan to purchase the property takes the back seat.

  3. Spring:-

    This is one of the best seasons to sell your property as the days will be longer and warmth comes in their garden. This is the time; the buyers will be in search of purchasing the property.

Season changes from time to time as it is a natural phase. Before entering the market, you need to look at the local area. More than anything else, it is important to choose the time which works the best for you to sell the products. If a buyer is interested in buying your property, you need to wrap up the sale before they change their mind. If you are planning to sell your house, you need to focus on its look and feel so the buyers will get attracted.


You cannot completely depend on the seasons to sell your property. No matter whatever time or year you want to dispose of the property, the buyer should be readily available.

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Home inspection – Review by Dc Fawcett


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Home inspection – Review by Dc Fawcett

Home inspectionIntroduction

Home inspection is an important step in the home buying process. Through home inspection must be done for performance analysis and identification of defects. Dc Fawcett , a real estate writer and talker gives instructions on how to inspect a home.

Select the home inspector with great care

Buyers must select the home inspector after a meticulous examination.

  1. Should not go by recommendations.
  2. They should not just select whomever they find.
  3. Base their findings on the following queries:-
    • How long have they been active in active in home inspecting?
    • Do they have required Qualification?
    • Elaborate your track record

It’s better to hire a licensed inspector who can do a fine inspection.

What to inspect?

Home inspectors inspect a lot. Some of them are

  • Proper functioning of the furnace, water heater, water cooler, chimney and fireplace

  • Appliances must be examined for their working condition. Some of these include refrigerator, dishwasher, stove, microwave, washer and dryer.

  • The walls, roofs, ceilings, window panes etc of the garage must be scrutinized. The electrical equipment must be up to date and the garage door must be in perfect condition.

  • Grounds must be scanned for leakages from septic tanks and proper drainage.

There is much more to be done and home inspectors do so.

    However home inspectors don’t examine pest control, swimming baths, paint coatings and poisonous casts.
  • Failure to take part in the inspection:

    Most buyers miss out on the inspection.  It’s not just enough to see the inspection report only. Buyers have to be there to comprehend the home. Some inspectors stay back after the inspection to clarify doubts. They give you tips on repairs and home staging. Inspectors who don’t like to take buyers along with them are not fine.

  • Sellers must do the inspection before the buyers :

    Sellers must get the home pre inspected. If they allow buyers to scrutinize before them, they won’t have time to do the repairs and thus fail to market a fine home. By doing pre sales inspection, they can control repair and home staging costs.

  • Give access to the inspector:

    Don’t lock the garage or the basement. If it is locked, give the keys to the inspector. Often home owners feel inspectors to be intrusive. However, they have to provide the access as it is his job. From the seller’s side, he should take care to make the cupboards an empty nest. On the inspector’s arrival, he can just introduce himself, give a few hints, provide the keys and leave the place.

  • Disclosure documents :

    Documents by sellers reveal what they have repaired. Buyers should ask the inspector to inspect repairs and also clear doubts with him. Disclosure statements are different for various states and jurisdictions. The buyer can request the inspector to give special attention to certain things that he requires.


These home inspection suggestions are very crucial. Home inspection must be done with great care as homes are the most vital purchase of our lives. Buyers have to do a master home inspection in order to get a hot real estate housing property.



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Dc Fawcett’ Best Way of investing in commercial real estate investment for beginners

Commercial real estate investment for beginnersShops, commercial buildings, industries, retail, wholesale, warehouses, hotels and educational institutions come under the commercial property. You can either buy the property directly or indirectly by investing in property companies, developers, house builders or even in funds. However, as a beginner, it might be a daunting task id you don’t have enough funds or have a bad credit. DC Fawcett suggests the best ways for the starters to invest in commercial real estate.

Best Way of investing in commercial real estate investment for beginners

There are so many factors to consider before you think about starting to invest in commercial real estate. One of the main factors is budget and location. Prices for commercial building or complex vary according to the location and area. One of the ways is to ask a professional real estate agent about investing in commercial property. If you are looking to invest in commercial real estate as a beginner, following are the ways.Real estate rating.

  1. Learn what the insiders know

    To be a professional in this trade, you need to think as a professional and take tips from the people who are experienced. You need to know that commercial property is different from the residential property. Even to avail the loan, you make at least 30% down-payment to the commercial property lenders.

  2. Map out an action plan

    The top real estate professionals are able to make out whether the deal is good enough. They make use of exit strategy, i.e. they know what deals they should accept and what not.

  3. Get familiar with key commercial real estate metrics – It consists of:

    1. NOI (Net Operating Income)

      – The commercial property’s NOI is calculated by evaluating the property’s first year’s gross operating income and deducting the operating expenses for the first year

    2. Cap rates – Real estate cap or capitalization is used to calculate the net present value of income generating assets.
    3. Cash-on-cash – Most of the commercial real estate investors rely on financing to purchase properties abide to cash-on-cash strategy in order to compare first-year performance on commercial properties. This approach takes that the investor does not pay 100% cash for the property on one go and won’t keep all the NOI if they have other commitments like paying the mortgage loans. To uncover cash-on-cash, you need to calculate the amount required and stick to your budget
  4. Look for motivated sellers

    Like any other business, the customers’ drives real estate too. You need to find the sellers, who are ready and eager to sell below the market value. Nothing happens or matters in real estate till you find a motivated seller.

  5. Study the neighborhood

    To evaluate the commercial property, you need to study the neighborhood, where it is located in by going to their houses, talking to other neighborhood houses, and looking for the vacancies.



Apart from finding and evaluating commercial properties, getting a great price and communication, you need to build a good relationship and rapport with the homeowners.