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Real Estate Agents Take Advantage of Their Clients

Sell My House Fast – 5 Ways Bad Real Estate Agents Take Advantage of Their Clients

Like any profession, real estate agents occasionally err in their performance of their obligations. Although the majority of real estate brokers are excellent professionals, it can be expensive to not recognize the warning signals of a subpar agent. Consequently, it is useful to be aware of the following five ways dishonest real estate brokers use their consumers.


Bad real estate agents take advantage of their clients by misrepresenting their level of experience while presenting themselves to potential clients. They should pay attention to you as one of their first actions. They ought to be asking specific inquiries to have a clear understanding of your preferences if you are looking for a home. If your agent is unfamiliar with the real estate market, it will be clear. If they present you with properties that blatantly conflict, it is obvious they are inexperienced, and you are not with a professional. Experienced investors are familiar with the formulae that enable them to swiftly determine the profitability of a specific investment property.

Letting You Lead

Even while you might like running the show with your listing, poor real estate brokers may take advantage of their clients if they let you make arrangements for your property listing, such as insisting on open houses. While it’s possible that open houses will bring you a buyer, contrary to what you would think, the majority of serious purchasers work with agents and wouldn’t just wander through open houses at random. Agents often gain from luring in your neighbors who are looking to sell and who are curious about your house and asking price. Because they simply don’t know what to do, your agent may be allowing you to lead the way with your listing unless you are more knowledgeable than they are.   Real Estate Agents Take Advantage of Their Clients  

Always Saying Yes

Honesty is what you need from a competent agent. Their expertise, counsel, and judgement are priceless and essential to ensuring the greatest outcome for your listing. If your realtor only emphasizes the positive aspects of a property, listing just its benefits while omitting to mention any potential drawbacks or difficulties, this could be a clue that they are not being completely truthful with you. An agent will likely agree to anything out of fear of losing business. One method dishonest real estate brokers take advantage of their consumers is by telling them whatever they want to hear, regardless of whether it is true.

False Promises

Another method dishonest real estate brokers take advantage of their clients is by making promises without delivering on them. They might have exaggerated your home’s value to win the sales contract with the intention of lowering it when it sits on the market for a while. Overpricing causes a house listing to linger on the market for a lengthy time, which reduces the eventual sales price. Online shoppers will pass on the home at first sight since they know they can purchase a far better property for the same amount. Another assurance is that you will work with an assistant instead of a top agent after hiring them..

No Assistance

Some real estate brokers may require assistance, but they won’t give it up for their commissions, giving their consumers subpar service. If you start to hear justifications for why they did not handle a situation or answer a call, which may be annoying and is bad business practice, you are in trouble. Another method dishonest real estate brokers take advantage of their consumers is by failing to finish papers on time. Your agent may be overworked and lacking a solid business structure in general if they fail to keep their promises, disregard your calls, miss deadlines, and keep you in the dark. Chaos emerges from their disarray, regardless of whether their problems are related to their professional incompetence or personal messiness.

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How To Calculate Capitalization Rate For Real Estate – DC Fawcett

Real EstateDC Fawcett Virtual Real Estate investing club

Real estate investors should have a method to derive the property value they’re going to buy. This is required as many times; a person ends up paying more than the expected price which reduces the profit when they are selling the property. The Capitalization rate is determined on the basis of the income from other properties and the recent selling price.

DC Fawcett has advised the investors to use this formula to get the exact value.

What is Capitalization?

It is the rate of return on real estate investment property based on the income you expect the property to generate. In other words, the capitalization rate is used for determining the investor’s potential income on their investment. DC Fawcett Virtual Real Estate Investing Club.

Capitalization Rate Calculation

  1. You can derive the capitalization rate by dividing the net operating income on the investment by the property’s current market value. Here is the formula:

Capitalization rate=Net Operating Income/Current market value.

For example, if the recent selling price of a property is $4, 00,000 and the net operating income is $20,000, the capitalization rate has to be calculated.

  1. Divide the NOI by selling price to get the capitalization rate, i.e. $20,000/4, 00,000 = 0.05 or 5%. All that you need is a calculator.

Selling the property

You should know what price to fix for selling the property taking all the expenses and the cost price into consideration. For instance, you own a small apartment or the plot and want to sell it. However, you do not have the idea of what rate the property has to be sold. For this, you need to check the current rate for the property similar to yours. Though you find the property sold three or four months back, the catch is about the net operating income which is sometimes published in the listing. If you get three property cap rates on an average of 9% and your net operating income is $36,000, the NOI cap rate is:

$36,000/0.09 = $4, 00,000 which is your property value.

The decision is entirely yours whether to ask for the price for the property or take it from the market.

Buying the property

When we buy the property, we are on the other side of the transaction. If you target to buy a small apartment, you should check whether the price quoted for the apartment is worth or not and whether you are being overpriced. If the price is $5, 00,000 and the capitalization rate is 10%, here is the calculation.

$5, 00,000 x 0.1 = $50,000, which is the required net operating income.

The capitalization rate is useful as it helps you to get the information about the investment, so interpretation becomes easy and you get the fair idea when you decide to buy or sell the property. The capitalization also helps you to know what amount you are earning on the property.


There are several reasons to justify the property’s capitalization rate, depending on the location, quality, and the surroundings.